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Cat Peeping at Food Bowl


Help save a life today!

About Our Organization

Pounce de Leon is a Northwest GA based cat rescue that operates with a foster model. We believe that every cat deserves a second chance, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our feline friends receive the best possible care while they await adoption.

Cat Cuddles


Suzy Q pic2.jpg

Suzy Q

Suzy Q is a sweet little love bug! Suzy Q was surrendered to animal control with her 9 housemates after her mom was evicted from their home. Suzy Q is 14 years old. She has been fully vetted, and we learned after her blood work that she has a couple of medical things going on: she’s slightly anemic (takes a supplement), and is in the early stages of kidney disease. This means that she hopefully has several good years left, that will be supported by sub-q fluids and kidney diet food.

If you have a special place in your heart for this little ham, please consider adopting sweet Suzy Q!

Double Stuff

Double Stuff was surrendered by her owner, a homeless man who had tried living in temp housing, but ended up living in his truck with her. After some time, he decided that she needed a better life than living in a truck. Double Stuff is about 12 years old, she’s declawed, spayed, and up to date on all vaccinations. She’s very unsure in her new environment, and needs someone who can offer her stable, consistent, and patient attention while she settles in. Double Stuff loves flaked trout Fancy Feast and other flavors.  She’s still deciding if she likes her bed, but enjoys sleeping with her blanket.

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When you donate to our cause it helps us provide everything it takes to nurse these kittens back to health or foster a group of newborn kitties until they're ready for their forever homes. Below are a few examples of what your donation will provide. 

Yellow Food Bowl

Healthy Food




Medical Intervention

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